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 Dear Members of EUROBAK HR Committee, 

In light of current events, we want to express our support and assure you that EUROBAK, and the Committee in particular are ready to provide any possible assistance to our Members. 

We continue to work and have already held, and are still planning, a series of events for HR specialists on the topic of remote work issues, legislative regulation, and HR operation in crisis. 

Be safe and keep in touch!




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The EUROBAK Human Resources (HR) Committee unites HR managers and executives from EUROBAK member-companies.   

The EUROBAK HR Committee members meet to discuss up-to-date issues, best practices and global trends in Human Resources Management. The Committee also invites guest speakers who update the members on new services and products in the human resources field. 

Another important activity of the HR Committee is participation in discussing and reviewing labour-related legislative acts (e.g. the draft Labour Code of Kazakhstan) through meetings and written communication with government officials.

The EUROBAK Human Resources (HR) Committee is one of the most dynamic committees within EUROBAK, who meet up 3-4 times a month.

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