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HR Committee meeting, 18 November 2019

Members of EUROBAK HR Committee met to discuss planned changes and amendments to the legislation on labor issues and regulation of migration processes.  


HR Digital

On October 23, we held an HR Committee’s meeting dedicated to the topic “Digitalisation, robotisation, HR analytics, gignomics and crowdsourcing as new opportunities for HR ”.  


Equal pay is a basic human right.

Today, more and more companies are developing strategies and action plans, as well as allocating special resources for the development and maintenance of Diversity and Inclusion. The basis of any successful strategy of Diversity and Inclusion is the need to introduce a culture of equal and fair attitude along with equal pay for equal work (or for work of equal value). This goal can be achieved, on the one hand, by defining key principles of remuneration and HR, and further implementation of these principles in company policies and in practice. On the other hand, employee culture and behavior should be consistent with these policies and practices. What is the role of senior management in this? What is the role of HR? What is a culture of equal treatment and equal opportunity?


Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture

On September 19, 2019, HR Committee’s members met for a presentation “Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture”, held by EY specialists.


Job Market Overview & Salary Survey, 12 June 2019

EUROBAK held the HR Committee meeting dedicated to the presentation of annual Job Market Overview & Salary Survey of Antal Kazakhstan.  

The following topics were presented during the meeting:

  • Relocation within Kazakhstan and abroad: how to motivate employees not to leave
  • Well-being: how employers today care about employee’s welfare
  • Material and non-material staff’s motivation: trends of recent years
  • Employees’ competences which will be in demand in the future
  • New technologies in selection of personnel (chat bots, robot recruiter) - helps or scares?
  • How to become a dream employer
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