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The pandemic has permanently affected the way consumers are doing and will be doing purchases in the future, it has brought speed light to the exponential growth of e-commerce and the predominance “big tech”. Smaller players in any parts of the world across all sectors, fields and industries are facing a unique threat and opportunity windows that should not be missed.⠀

Yet there is still a big unresolved question: is the psychology behind of a purchases made online very different from a one made off-line? Are an online impulsive buyer for fashion products and a more data driven consumer in financial products (I.e.selecting your best credit card) very different from each other?⠀

Our guest speaker - Mario Berta, Founder and CEO of and Visiting Professor at IE Business School, held a Master Class for EUROBAK Members on identifying and analysing the best “classic” sales technique, how it is applied to the digital world by studying the “best in class” in various industries, how a number of very successful companies in the digital space have developed their e-commerce business on market places, B2B sales and various business models.

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