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Speaker: Lolita Zakirova, Chief Accountant, Imperial Tobacco Kazakhstan,  Co-chairperson of EUROBAK Tax Committee  

Members of the EUROBAK Tax Committee met to discuss upcoming changes in the tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of the following articles:

  • Rights and obligations of tax authorities (Article 19)
  • Procedure and terms of in-house control (Article 95)
  • Methods for ensuring the fulfillment of a tax obligation not fulfilled on time (Article 116)
  • Recognition of invoices issued in electronic form as unconfirmed in the information system of electronic invoices (new article 120-1)
  • Tax registers (art.215)
  • Adjustment of total annual income (art. 241)
  • Non-deductible costs (Article 264)
  • Decrease in taxable income (Article 288)
  • Income taxable at the source of payment (Article 307)
  • Tax rates (Article 320)
  • Income Adjustment (Article 341)
  • Value added tax, not offset (Article 402)
  • Payment of value added tax on imported goods by offset method (Article 427)
  • The procedure for calculating and withholding corporate income tax at the source of payment (Article 645)
  • Income tax rates at the source of payment (art. 646)
  • Income of a non-resident individual exempted from taxation (Art. 654)

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