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Hospitality is the widest represented industry in EUROBAK. The key stakeholders include hotels, travel agencies, tour operators, restaurants, airlines and other service providers. 

Travel, Hospitality and MICE (THM) Committee was established in 2017. 

In the forthcoming period the Committee aims to: 

  • Extend the existing visa free regime, expand it to a 15 day visa free entry and introduce a simplified e-visa procedure following the most successful examples in our region and beyond; 
  • Collaborate with Government agencies for an aligned communication strategy as opposed to the current divided and develop a communication line that strikes the attention of the target markets; 
  • Promote Kazakhstan’s attractions and develop a communication line promoting Kazakhstan as a tourist friendly country; 
  • Emphasize the value MICE tourism can deliver, convince for development and incentives to be expanded to this lucrative part of tourism and allocate financial resources available from the Government; 
  • Development of infrastructure, especially at key attractions that lack basic facilities; 
  • Provision of focused education by the Government to the service providers and members of the hospitality industry.
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