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EY: Preventive measures reduce risk of ransomware

On May 12, 2017, a global ransomware attack occurred across a whole range of sectors, including healthcare, government, telecommunications and gas, spreading to over 300,000 systems in over 150 countries.

Ransomware isn’t new – over the last five years the number of attacks has grown tremendously, usually with financially motivated cyber criminals extorting relatively small amounts of money from victims whose data they are holding hostage. The criminals promise that payment will result in data being released, but this does not always happen.


Information from Ramada Almaty

Bulletin – facilities we are going to advertise there:

  •  F&B: Ambrosia Restaurant, Agora Bar and TERRA
  •  Conference rooms

1. F&B: Ambrosia Restaurant, Agora Bar and TERRA

Welcome to our Ambrosia restaurant and summer terrace – TERRA! The unique concept of our Executive Chef combines four different cuisines under one roof: Italian, Turkish, Indian and Fusion. We serve lunch buffet for you daily from 12:00PM  to 15:00PM.


Bloomberg Television on Caspio HD

Bloomberg Television became available in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The operator of satellite television Caspio HD has launched an exclusive retransmission of Bloomberg Television on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since March 24, the popular TV channel has become available to Caspio HD subscribers around the clock. The TV channel program includes business information in the following areas:


DELOITTE: Standardization of real estate data: the need for partnerships. Real Estate Predictions 2017

In the last couple of years we have seen the development of International Valuation Standards (IVS) and European Valuation Standards (EVS). This introduced international accepted standards for the valuation of assets. However, valuations are still highly dependent on the accuracy of the data that is applied in the valuation. With that said we see that the accuracy of data may be more complicated than generally accepted.


DELOITTE: Tracking the trends 2017. The top 10 trends mining companies will face in the coming year

The 2017 edition of Tracking the trends takes a look at the trends that miners will face in the coming year and outlines a wealth of potential responses proposed from Deloitte member firms' mining professionals.

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