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KPMG: New Developments in Tax Treatment of the Mining Activities

The differences appeared in the approach to tax treatment of oil and gas and mining activities have become, probably, the most notable feature of the new Tax Code as related to the subsoil use. It is obvious that this specific feature of the new tax law has been due to a backlog of questions relating to enforcement of the tax rules in these two industries, and, to a certain extent, the novations recently introduced into Kazakhstan legislation on subsoil and subsoil use.


Kinstellar strengthens its team in Kazakhstan with appointment of Almas Zhaiylgan as Of Counsel

Kinstellar, Emerging Europe and Central Asia’s leading independent law firm, is delighted to announce that Almas Zhaiylgan has joined the Almaty office as Of Counsel and head of the firm’s local Energy and Natural Resources practice in Almaty.


Казахстанско-Греческий бизнес-форум, 5 февраля, г. Астана

Внешнеторговая палата Казахстана сообщает, что 5 февраля 2018 года состоится  Казахстанско-Греческий бизнес-форум с участием официальных лиц  Республики Казахстан и Республики Греция в г. Астана по адресу: ул. Кунаева 6, “Rixos President”, зал «Жеруйык».

Греческая сторона выражает  заинтересованность и готовность к расширению взаимовыгодного и эффективного сотрудничества между странами. В бизнес-форуме примут участие более 23-х крупных греческих компаний в сфере энергетики, строительства, химической и фармацевтической промышленности, заинтересованных в развитии экспорта, импорта и инвестиций в Казахстане (состав участников с греческой стороны прилагается).


KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia presents September-October issue of Tax NewsFlash

KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia presents September-October issue of Tax NewsFlash. This issue offers you a short overview of some of the most important recent amendments and additions to Kazakhstan legislation.


KPMG: What companies are not allowed to outsource maintenance of accounting?

Currently to optimise their operations many companies choose to outsource a number of operating processes, including those related to maintenance of accounting.  In general, the Law of the RK dated 28 February 2007 No.234-III “On Accounting and Financial Reporting” provides for an opportunity to transfer, on the contractual basis, the maintenance of accounting and preparation of financial reporting to the accounting firm or audit organisation, or professional accountant. However, such transfer is not always possible due to express statement in the Law or existing interpretation of the Law.

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