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December 5, four shopping centers of Almaty city: Dostyk Plaza, Esentai Mall, MEGA Alma-Ata and MEGA Park – started the campaign “Charity Wish Tree”*! The project was initiated 2 years ago in Almaty Management University, but only today it went out of the frames of one university and became the city project.

The idea of the project is to help children from orphanages. More than 700 kids from foster homes, orphanages and low-income families from Almaty city, Issyk, Kaskelen and also Talgar and Ili districts are waiting for New Year presents. They wrote their wishes on papers which were hung on “magic” trees. Every visitor of shopping center can get this paper and make any child’s wish come true.

It should be noted, that already at the start project it had a tremendous success! Almaty citizens demonstrated amazing compassion and wish to help bereaved – for half of the day in all four centers almost all the pieces of papers with children’s wishes were torn off the tree.  

It assumed that till December 10 “trees” will be dressed in a new foliage and those who haven’t made the present to kids yet will have a chance to carry out their intentions. Today there are 12 universities and 200 volunteers involved in the project. To make a New Year present to kids can everyone – individuals and companies. According to the words of initiator and organizer of the Charity Wish Tree project Diana Kulakeyeva, children dream of books, radio-controlled toys, sets for needlework, sportswear. There are also non-material wishes – to play football with “Kairat” team or to skate.

 “We conduct different social projects and there guys from diverse specialties in our team. These are future financiers, lawyers, marketers, but first of all we are people, who do care about problems of growing generation. We believe that there are many people in the world who are ready to create kindness. And our aim is to unite kind people and those who need help. Then he will understand what kindness is and will seek to become real Human himself. Our slogan is – never regret sharing something that you have: attention, time, kindness”, - says D.Kulakeyeva, chairman of Students council of Almaty Management University. Initiator of the project also added that realizing social projects, students-volunteers show their talents and receive valuable experience.

During the project users of social networks will be passing the baton Charity Wish Tree – those who haven’t carried out kids’ wishes will be taking the baton from their friends. The Action will last from 5 to 13 of December. These days there will be duty volunteers in such shopping centers as Dostyk Plaza, Esentai Mall, MEGA Alma-Ata and MEGA Park from 10.00 till 22.00 hours. They will register all the wishing to participate in project and will receive gifts for storage which will be delivered to kids after the end of action. For all the wishing to visit kids personally and personally give gifts will be organized transport. 

*Charity Wish Tree project started in 2013 in AlmaU (Almaty Management Unversity). Then the group of students make more than 60 children’s from orphanage #1 (Baganashyl village) come true.

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