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Business breakfasts by KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia in May

This May, Astana and Atyrau provided the venue for several business breakfasts by KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia professionals.

The series was opened on 3 May with a meeting held by Audit Director Assel Urdabayeva, who explained how to start the transfer to the new revenue recognition standard, and answered questions on this subject. On 16 May in Atyrau, Tax & Legal Senior Manager Tatiana Gorbacheva discussed the tax function optimisation with the local business community.


Green Week at Haileybury Almaty

Green Week was a fantastic week of developing our students’ awareness of global issues through a combination of activities and events. The week coincided with Earth Day along the theme of ‘Waste Less’, with this in mind across Primary and Secondary school students of all ages created recycling posters and art installations from recycled materials. They also took part in a food waste challenge on Wednesday lunchtime to calculate how much waste we throw away on an average school lunchtime.


Haileybury Astana - Beds charity

In early May Haileybury Astana handed over 46 children beds to “Nuralem” Charity Fund and Infants Adaptation Centre in Astana. According to the founder of “Nuralem” Natalia Konovalova, they are supervising many socially vulnerable families in Astana most of which cannot afford buying beds for their children. “I know a family where a child who suffers from a lungs disease had to sleep on the floor on a tiny matrass. We try to help every family who needs support. Our volunteers offer them food and clothes, some furniture, but we physically cannot provide them to everyone,” - said Natalia. 


Open Day in Haileybury Astana School

On Saturday, May 13 Haileybury Astana School held an Open Day in Kindergarten and Key Stage 1.

The event intended to inform parents in Astana about the Early Years Foundation Course and the National Curriculum which the school follows. Nearly fifteen families attended the Open Day and had a chance to meet the academic staff, ask them questions and see the classrooms and facilities. They could also book a tour around the school and sign up for a Taster Day. Children between ages 3 and 6 who came with their parents had been invited to play in the area and try different learning activities with the teaching assistants. Jane Knight, Head of Primary school, says that organizing Open Days for local families is important as it generally increases the awareness of British Curriculum which is different from Kazakh National Curriculum. In most Kazakhstani schools children enter Year One at age 7, whilst in Britain it is for five-year-olds.


GRATA International in Saint Petersburg

Continuing rapid development in Russia, GRATA International is glad to announce the launch of a new associate office in Saint Petersburg. Following the firm’s expansion into such regional hubs, as Novosibirsk, Samara and Kazan, establishing a presence in the second largest city of Russia was only a question of time.We are happy to welcomeLegal Studio Law firm as our associate office in St. Petersburg from May 2017.

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