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KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia hold business breakfasts in June

This June in Almaty, Kyzylorda, Aktobe, and Aktau KPMG in Kazakhstan professionals invited the representatives of our clients and targets to the firm's traditional business breakfasts.

The series of the meetings was launched with a business breakfast on 19 June in Kyzylorda. This event was conducted by Tatyana Rogachyova and Tatiana Gorbacheva, Tax & Legal Director and Senior Manager, and Ruslan Zheleznyak, Head of Forensic in the region. Participants discussed the procedure of VAT returns and related issues, and proposed potential solutions. Later this presentation was delivered to our clients and targets in Aktobe and Aktau.


Dentons strengthens market-leading position in Central Asia with the expansion of the Tashkent office

3 July 2017 – Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, has announced the expansion of its office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan through a combination with highly ranked Uzbek firm Avent Advokat. Eldor Mannopov, the founder and managing partner of Avent Advokat, has joined the Firm along with a team of nine lawyers. The move, which comes shortly after Dentons’ entry into Georgia, further strengthens the Firm’s market leadership in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Central Asia.


Dentons впервые в истории организовала региональную встречу для главных юрисконсультов и ведущих юридических фирм в Центральной Азии

30 июня 2017 года Dentons Kazakhstan организовала Региональную встречу с главными юрисконсультами ведущих компаний, работающих в Центральной Азии. На встречу были также приглашены Советники ташкентского офиса фирмы Муборак Камбарова и Шухрат Юнусов, старший юрист из Баку – Сона Тагиева и партнеры юридических фирм из Кыргызстана, Таджикистана и Туркменистана Конференция была приурочена к недавнему назначению руководителя Казахстанской практики Айгуль Кенжебаевой на пост управляющего партнера Dentons в Центральной Азии. Расширение офиса в Ташкенте, объявленное фирмой в июне, также послужило поводом для оперативной организации такой встречи.


A life hack from Aiman Zhekeyeva, Senior Lawyer of KPMG Tax and Legal Department: practical advices – how to sell an ownership interest in business.

The issues related to the sale of the participation interest in the limited liability partnerships  often become the subject of the lawsuits to the court and subsequently lead to long litigation proceedings. Therefore, to minimize the judicial risks, it is important to carefully consider all details of future transaction. The editorial staff "&" asked KPMG expert to shad a light on legislation and give some useful recommendations.


GRATA International and EXPO-2017

On 10 June 2017, the International Specialised Exhibition 'Astana EXPO-2017' was launched. 

EXPO-2017 became Kazakhstan’s most prominent large-scale event for the last few years. The exhibition incorporated about 100 countries. The main topic of the event is 'Energy of the Future', showing concern of the international community about the problem of energy consumption, which has an increasing impact on the planet. Kazakhstan is currently developing significant opportunities for investors.

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