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Qamcare – social project: Haileybury Almaty scholarship pupil took part in the Republican conference “Digital Kazakhstan,” attended by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

A-level student Aruzhan Koshkarova and her team took part in the Republican conference “Digital Kazakhstan,” attended by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. Aruzhan and her team present their successful online start-up “Qamcare” to the conference.


EUROBAK BBQ Friday Night

Ms Lynne Oldfield, Headmistress at Haileybury Almaty was introduced to EUROBAK community at BBQ night on 08 of September, 2017 at Intercontinental Almaty.


Haileybury Almaty team took part in extreme race “Kosmos UpHill”

At Haileybury Almaty we believe that one of the most important aspects of education is the development of HaileyburyHabits such as resilience, courage and organisation. But our teachers don’t just talk about these habits – they put them into action!

This year, for the second time, a teachers’ team participated in the KosmosUpHill race for extreme athletes. This daunting challenge requires participants to run or cycle up the steep mountain roads and tracks, all the way from the ‘Three Bears’ near Almarasan to the Big Almaty Lake (BAO), and then on past the Tian-Shan Observatory to the Cosmological Station (Kosmostantsiya), at an altitude of over 3300 metres.


DELOITTE: Deloitte announces record revenue of US$38.8 billion

London, 14 September 2017—Deloitte Global today reported aggregate member firm revenue of US$38.8 billion for the fiscal year ended 31 May 2017 (FY2017), representing a 7.1 percent revenue increase in local currency terms or a US$2 billion revenue increase and 8.3 percent two-year CAGR.


DELOITTE: The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017

Apprehensive millennials: seeking stability and opportunities in an uncertain world

A turbulent 2016—punctuated by terror attacks in Europe, Brexit, and a contentious US presidential election—appears to have rattled millennials’ confidence.

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